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Understand the market

Find items that are in demand in the ever-changing market and avoid the others.

Increase your store's Sell Through Rate today and improve your sourcing strategy for tomorrow.

Scan Millions of listings in Seconds!

Scan through millions of search results from different marketplace before pricing your item. Why list for Less when you can sell for More?

Price Like a Pro

Get an edge on the 6+ million other sellers competing for a buyer. Snap instantly adds years of pricing knowledge and market experience to your business.

Less time Listing. More time Growing

Save time. Free yourself from the endless scrolling, researching, filtering, and doing math in your head.

Get the data you need to list faster and spend more time on your business, not in your business.

Put your Business in your Pocket

Whether you're out sourcing or away from your office, Snap is there with you.

Snap Anywhere & Everywhere

A cross-platform, sleek, and fully responsive design that you can use anywhere, anytime.


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