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Frequently Asked Questions

What Snap Seller Tools does?

We take the important information (pricing, demand, trends) available from each marketplace (eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, Grailed, Tradesy & Thredup) and instantly gives you actionable data (how to price your item, which marketplace will it sell for more money). We have created unique algorithms for each site to bring you data you cannot find anywhere else

I have a method for quickly pricing my Item, why should I use Snap Seller Tools?

Work smarter, not harder. Snap was designed by experienced resellers to help them list more items and scale their business. Would you rather have an automated tool that does this for you in seconds with 100% accuracy? We only have so much time, and brain power, in a day so let's maximize the return on our investment.

How to price your item on eBay, Poshmark, Etsy and others?

The most efficient way is to take all of the real-time data directly from the thousands of listings on each marketplace and calculate that into information you can actually use.

Our powerful algorithms do this in seconds. Simply enter a few keywords and you are given the Average Sale Price, Time To Sell, Market Demand, and our fully customizable Suggested Price tool will price your item to fit your business.

How to improve your reselling business with Snap Seller Tools?

Snap saves you time. On average, an experienced reseller takes 2 minutes to research their item before listing with beginner resellers taking 5 minutes - this time adds up, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of items in your inventory. With Snap, you get this takes seconds. Simply search for your item and get all the data you need to price your item to make better business decisions.

Maximize profits. Never misprice your item again. Avoid costly mistakes with our fully customizable market data and price your item perfectly. 

Scale your business. By saving time and maximizing profits, your $/hour go up. Snap is fully customizable so you can assign this task to another member of your team and focus more of your time on growing your business. Considering adding someone to your team? Now it’s easier than ever - load your settings into Snap and they will price your item like you would, every time.

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