Understanding the Marketplace Module

A comprehensive guide to help you understand how the Marketplace module works.
Dec 7, 2020
Support, Snap Seller Tools

What's Marketplace Module?

The most important module of Snap is its Marketplace module. This module allows you to get market insights for any specific item you want to resell, from different marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark & Grailed,  in seconds.

This analytics data allows you to better list your items and improve your business while saving you a lot of time.

Available Data Points:

Sell Through Rate

The higher the  sell through %, the higher the market demand. This is calculated by taking the number of items sold in the last 90 days and dividing it by the number of available items. Ex.) 50 sold/100 available = 50% Sell Through Rate.

Average Listings Price

Average price of available items. An average of what sellers are charging for the item.

Average Sold Price

Average price of sold items. An average of what buyers are paying for the item.

Suggested Price

Recommended price based on Sell Through Rate (market demand) & Average Listing Pricing. This feature is fully customization.

Average Days to Sell

Average number of days the item takes to sell. This number is taken from the sold listings data.


Total number of items available for sale.


Total number of items listed as sold on each site – different from total sold in the last 90 days.


Total number of new items available for sale.


Total number of used items available for sale.


Total number of items available AND sold.

Are we missing any important data point that  might be helpful for your business? Feel free to let us know via Email (info@snapsellertools.com) or the Live Chat.

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