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Research the market, find the best price to list your item or stay on top of your To Do list. Snap has taken care of all of this for you.

Unique Data Points from Big Marketplaces

Research before you list. Get Highly Accurate and important Data Points from different marketplaces, fast!

✔ Sell Through Rate

✔ Average Listing Price

✔ Average Sold Price

✔ Days to Sell

✔ # New, # Used, # Available # Sold

Customizable Search

Fully control and customize your search results. Clean up your results and find the specific listings data you need.

✔ Remove Top 5% Pricing

✔ Condition & Location Filters

✔ Include / Exclude Shipping Cost

✔ Include / Exclude Auction Items

✔ Include / Exclude items Sold With Best Offer Accepted

Understand these Data Points

Here is a description of all of the supported data points available in Snap.

Sell Through Rate

The Market Demand. The higher the sell through %, the higher the market demand.

Listing Price Average

Average price of available items and what sellers are charging for the item.

Sold Price Average

Average price of sold items. An average of what buyers are paying for the item.

Average Days To Sell

Average number of days the item takes to sell.

Total Available

Total number of items available for sale for the similar items.

Total Sold

Total items listed as sold on each site – different from total sold in the last 90 days.

Total New

Total number of new items available for sale.

Total Used

Total number of used items available for sale.

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